07 May 2009

My travel log at Sarasota Magazine

Hello from the Solomon Islands. I am in day five (or is it six?!) of this two month long adventure. The first gesneriad I've seen? An Episcia hybrid growing in a pot near the hotel I am staying in!

I will have more to say on this blog about the research and science as it develops. For now, I am posting travel updates on my other blog at Sarasota Magazine's webpage:


If interested, please click on the above link. You will find a pull down menu named "blogs." Mine is the one titled "Extreme Botany." Here you will find the more "human interest" side of my travels. What happened that day. What I ate. What made me sick. What I am sick of. Oh, yes, and what makes me happy to be here!

Thanks for the interest. More soon...

Honiara, Solomon Islands

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