30 March 2010

Call for Abstracts - World Gesneriad Research Conference 2010

The Gesneriad Research Center, The Gesneriad Society, Inc., and the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens are pleased to announce



Abstract Deadline: May 1, 2010

The World Gesneriad Research Conference 2010 (WGRC 2010) is an international meeting of the world’s Gesneriaceae researchers, students and lay enthusiasts who have come together with the goal of understanding and promoting knowledge of the plant family Gesneriaceae. The objectives of WGRC 2010, to be held 13-15 October 2010 (with a gesneriad exhibition show the 15-17 October) at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL, USA, are to provide opportunities internationally for new researchers and students of Gesneriaceae to enter into working groups, formalize existing informal international collaborations and working groups into a virtual organization by initiating a web-based Gesneriaceae coalition, and summarize the current state of knowledge on Gesneriaceae phylogenetics with the ultimate goal of creating a comprehensive Gesneriaceae phylogeny. The key note address will be delivered by Prof. Anton Weber, distinguished Gesneriaceae researcher and faculty emeritus of the University of Vienna, Austria. WGRC 2010 will also provide opportunities meant to broaden awareness of the plant family Gesneriaceae including conservation-based lectures/discussions and a gesneriad exhibition where rare and lesser known gesneriads from around the world will be on public display.


All researchers interested in the biology and systematics of the plant family Gesneriaceae are encouraged to attend and present some aspect of their scholarly research at WGRC 2010. The deadline for abstract submissions is May 1, 2010. Registration will begin June 1, 2010. Additional details on the conference including program schedule, registration fees, and options for other special events, will also become available in June. At this point, submission of abstracts does not mean a submitter is obligated to attend WGRC 2010. If you are considering presenting but are unsure about attending the conference (due to costs and/or logistics), please submit an abstract and indicate your level of commitment (see below). You will then be contacted with additional information regarding your registration.


There are three options for presenting at WGRC 2010. Researchers are encouraged to submit abstracts for more than one option (e.g., give a talk and a poster, two talks, etc.). However, presentation at WGRC 2010 is not required to attend the conference.


Talks – Talks or oral papers will be 25 minutes in length including questions. Talks will be grouped into sessions and included within the program based on the subject matter of the presentation.

Posters – Posters should be 4’ high by 4’ wide (122 x 122 cm). Materials may be secured to bulletin boards with push-pins that will be provided. All posters will be on display for the duration of the conference, and at least two poster sessions will be held where presenters will have opportunities to discuss their work.

Discussion Forums – Three Forums will be convened during the conference: 1) Gesneriaceae systematics, 2) Developing a virtual coalition of researchers, and 3) Gesneriaceae conservation. While these forums will be directed by invited presenters, other researchers interested in contributing to these forums are encouraged to contact the conference Chair, John R. Clark, for additional information (jrclark@selby.org).

To submit an abstract for WGRC 2010:

Abstracts should be emailed to gesneriadresearch@gmail.com by no later than May 1st, 2010 and include the follow information in this order:

Presenter’s full name(s) and title(s)

Affiliation or Institution


Telephone (with country code)

Email address

Presentation type (talk or poster)


Abstract Text: The abstract should be 250 words or less.

Key words: Include a list of six keywords related to the presentation that are not in the title or body of the abstract.

Level of commitment: Please indicate your level of commitment to attending WGRC 2010 (high, moderate, low) and please briefly explain (e.g., low due to travel costs). This information will be used to plan the conference schedule, details of which will be available by no later than June 1, 2010. We encourage potential participants to keep the committee updated on circumstances related to attending WGRC.

Thank you for your interest in WGRC 2010. We look forward to receiving your abstracts and seeing you in Sarasota this coming October.

The WGRC 2010 Steering Committee