10 November 2008

More on technical issues

Sorry to trouble everyone with non-gesneriad issues, but my last two posts have caused a great deal of confusion warranting yet another clarification:

In my last post, I mentioned that the link and image could be seen "below." This was out of context - in your email there is nothing "below" and you will have to go to the actual blog to see the updated previous post ("A visit with John L." - the post with the link as well as the image).

When you sign up for email updates (which many of you have done...thanks!), you will occasionally receive an email like this one that contains all or part of the most recent post (I imagine you are reading this straight from your email and not directly from the blog site).

At the bottom of the message, you should see a sentence that reads, "You are subscribed to email updates from Gesneriad Research Center"

To go directly to the blog, click on this link. I encourage everyone to actually visit the blog from time to time. I will be continually updating images and other features and you may not know about these changes from reading only the email updates.

Thank you again for all the input and help. I always appreciate your comments and suggestions!


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