09 September 2008

What is the role of the GRC Director?

Here it is, straight from the job description: 

The Research Systematist will oversee the development and daily operations of the Center for Tropical Plant Science and Conservation’s newly formed Molecular Research Facility and Gesneriad Research Center, in conjunction with other research staff, volunteers, outside collaborators and interns. He will report to the Director of the Center for Tropical Plant Science and Conservation. The Research Systematist will coordinate activities to develop and implement the Molecular Research Facility by writing funding proposals and securing donations to equip the facility and to conduct molecular-based research. The Research Systematist will be responsible for timely completion of project objectives, manage project expenditures, assist in development of molecular-based and gesneriad research programs and prepare reports and publications on project accomplishments. The Research Systematist will participate in education and outreach activities, particularly in conjunction with local, national, and international gesneriad societies, serve as the Center's contact for molecular and gesneriad research, and supervise training of volunteer assistants and interns.

In addition, the Systematist will conduct research geared towards enhancing the Garden’s research mission. This research will include basic field research and plant collecting, as well as molecular-based and traditional taxonomic/monographic research with emphasis in the plant family Gesneriaceae and secondarily with other plant families under study at the Center.

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